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    About the Trainer
    This hands-on training is conducted by our master trainer Mr Jeremy Lee. Mr Lee specializes in Digital Marketing Jeremy is a known industry expert in SEO and Digital Marketing. He has helped many MNC and SME companies in Singapore and in the region to rank high in the search engines and in their digital marketing strategy. He is also among the top 5 SEO consultants in Singapore and runs a full SEO company in Singapore under the brand of Reach Media.
    Workshop Details

    Course Fee: $859 Nett. Date:18th July 10.00am to 5.00pm, 19th July 10.30am to 5.30pm

    Venue: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace #02-38B Singapore 168976
    Class Size:Small Group up to 4 in a class.
    Trainer: Jeremy Lee

    Learn How to Get your Website on Google Page 1

    SEO we all know is known as Search Engine Optimization. Reach Media offers one on one SEO Training to users like yourself so that you can implement SEO strategies for your website.Doing Search Engine Optimization on your website is simple. All you need is to have a systematic strategy and implement the required steps to the optimization process on your website.It requires diligence and perseverance and commitment to get your website to the top of the search engines. It is not difficult and impossible and anyone who has a website with basic HTML knowledge can do it. You will learn the important and most up to date techniques, tips and tricks to get youre website to the top in 100% white hat methods.We do not use or encourage the use of soft wares which are deemed as black hat seo methods.

    This training program will enable you to have hands on real time SEO on your website directly. So you can put use of your training to immediate implementation on your website.

    In the training programme, you will learn the following topics

    Introduction to SEO.

    Understanding the fundamentals of SEO.
    On site optimization.
    what is required and why
    Off site optimization techniques and methods
    Link building strategies
    tracking for conversions and results of SEO Progress

    This SEO Training Program is an 8 hours course and can be completed within a single day. Upon completion of the SEO Training Program, Participants will receive a certificate awarded by Reach Media.

    Course Objectives
    Reach Media SEO Training is for Beginners & Intermediate Level users, who are responsible for their own websites, but do not have the knowledge or the know how to get it ranked in the search engines.
    Learn SEO tips and techniques that will make your website load faster, higher and generate huge traffic for your website in just a few days.Pre-Requisite: You must have access to your Website Files, to be able to modify them, and upload them to your web hosting.
    If you have a CMS website (Content Management System), then make sure you have access to the User id and password.
    Otherwise, make sure you have the FTP User id and password to your website.
    A basic knowledge of HTML is required which you can seek free tutorials from
    Who Should Attend?

    This program is highly recommended for those who want to get their website to the top of search engine listings. You should have access to your own website files, database, and have some basic knowledge of HTML.You will require a notebook for the training. If training is to be done in-house Reach Media;s premises. Notebooks will be provided.If training is to be done within your corporate office. Please ensure that you have a notebook with internet connectivity.

    Use the techniques learnt in the workshop, apply them on the spot on your website files, and begin the process of improving the ranking of your website immediately.


    SEO Course Outlines

    Learn about the basic SEO concepts and find out about the latest trends in Search. Learn all about the major search engines and how they affect your web site rankings.
    We teach you the exact same strategies and methodologies used at our own SEO company to do Site Optimization for our clients.The following agenda is an overview of the SEO training course. The SEO training material is constantly updated to include the latest developments in the field of Web Search.

    Each participant will
    • Learn what must be done to get top rankings in Search Engines.
    • Learn how to increase Click-Through Rates (CTR)
    • Understand how to make your site more relevant to the search engines.
    • Find out how your webhosting can affect your SEO rankings.
    • Onsite and Offsite SEO methods and myths.
    • Learn about black hat SEO methods and why is it not recommended.
    • Learn how to identify the best keywords for your site.
    • Learn the best ways to submit your pages to get them indexed in the popular search engines.
    • Select the Best Monitoring tools to check your search engine rankings as well as your competitors’.
    • Find out why some dynamic pages don’t get indexed and how to fix it.

    Our SEO methods are guaranteed to work and bring you the results of Page 1 rankings. Our methods work for all sites even if they are newly registered.

    How to Register for SEO Training?
    Register for the 1 day SEO Training Course today.
    Email to:   OR SMS <Training><Full Name><Mobile Number> to 93261061Example: Training Isabelle Chong Yun 98765432