Digital Marketing

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    SEO is not a new thing in the internet now a days. It’s a must have for any company who want to dominate the market with its products and services. SEO also known as search engine optimization, simply means placing your website above the competition in the organic rankings of the search results.

    There is a study done that 66% of the people will click on the results which are displayed organically by the search engines as compared to clicking on the advertisements they see. As these advertisements are paid, the results will be biased.

    Having your website optimized in the search rankings brings trust and reliability to your business. Convert more visitors into sales without having to pay large amount of money on paid advertising.

    Our turnkey solutions for SEO will deliver you the results which no competitor can march. We offer an affordable SEO solution, which is totally unbeatable.

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    PPC (Pay Per Click)

    PPC is a Pay Per Click advertising model which is common to business these days. More people who want instant results and faster ROI for their business, they will go for the option of PPC.

    With more demands for conversion online, we see the rising costs in online paid advertising. Ads which used to cost $0.50 back in 2008 may cost about $2.00 now for the same position. COmpetiton has risen, and more businesses are aiming for the premium positions in the virtual space.

    Reach Media has the solution for you and will be able to help your business save up to 60% of your monthly advertising costs and deliver the same returns, if not higher.

    That is one of the reasons why many companies in Singapore chose Reach Media to handle their PPC campaigns.

    Seeing is believing, and we are transparent to our clients on the way the vudget is spent. You will have access to your account anytime and you will be able to see real time statistics of your campaigns.

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    ORM (Online Reputation Management )

    Reputation is very important in every business. Especially if you own a website or is into consumer business.

    Often we see businesses advertise their products and services in the newspapers, magazines and even on social networks online. But little does these businesses know that having a good reputation online is important.

    Consumers are getting smarter with the way the internet provides information readily at the click of the mouse.
    Take yourself for an example, you have seen an advertisement in the newspapers of dental packages at a very low price by a dentist. The dental clinic name is alien to you. I am sure you will google to find information about the dental clinic and also to find out what are the reviews of others who have visited that dentist before.
    If the dentist has good reputation, you will most likely find some positive remarks online, as since now everyone shares about everything to everyone. Especially on social networks. If the dentist has a bad name, you will instantly find negative results in the first page of the search results when you key in his name or his dental clinic.

    Understanding the scenario above, we see the importance of online reputation management needed for every company out there. Too much good reputation, we will think they are made up. Too much bad information, we will spread it and tell our friends. No information on any reputation, we will most likely choose another option.

    Do not let your online reputation stop your from getting the customers you are targeting. At Reach Media Pte Ltd, we offer a customized online reputation management to suit your business needs. Fix an appointment with us today and we ensure you that business will come flooding in.

    Email Marketing

    Do you frequently receive mails from your emails on some promotions about a service or product? That is called email marketing.

    Reach Media Pte Ltd is the answer to your email marketing needs. Reach
    out to approximately 1 million validated email address from Singapore and have your marketing message sent across.

    See the power of email marketing in action with our affordable packages. With a low rate of just $0.03 per email.You can send tons of information and promotions to your prospects. That less than the cost of a regular sms, and
    yet you can input more content.
    Leave everything to us to manage, your tracking, your design and your conversions.

    Your one stop solution to email marketing.
    Reach Media proprietary email system at solves all email marketing issues which many softwares faces.

    Looking at mass mailing with our database? At Reach Media, we have over 1 million verified email address which you can send out marketing emails to at an affordable price. Each emails starts from only 1 cents to a maximum of 10 cents per email.