Hiring a SEO agency in Singapore

    Nowadays, Search Engine Optimization is a very popular in Singapore. Almost every business owner with a website get the chances of SEO because they know it’s benefits very well. Which means your competitors are advertising their business online. Although there are so many advertising methods in Singapore, internet marketing is one of the most effective and easiest way to increase your sales. Search engines optimization, Google advertising, Facebook advertising and social media marketing all have fallen under internet marketing category. Among them, SEO is cheapest and the most cost effective online advertising method. There are two types of SEO you must know before you find a SEO technician for your business website. They are –

    White hat SEO
    Black hat SEO

    White Hat SEO (Ethical SEO)

    Since the websites are for human, Google encourages the webmasters to strongly focus on users and follow their rules. White hat SEO is simply the one who makes your website more interesting and useful for your customers by following search engines’ rules.
    Black Hat SEO (Unethical SEO)

    Black hat SEO neglects users and tricks search engines to make your website appear on search results. It also works but for a short time. When search engines realize the trick, your website will be removed COMPLETELY from their search results.

    Therefore, for long term at no risk, you must find an ethical or white hat SEO. In our SEO services and SEO training, we totally obey rules of search engines and focus on your customers to raise your business sales.